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Corporate restructuring is essential for enterprises to survive in this continuously changing environment. However, corporate restructuring is complicated. Enterprises are strongly recommended to seek advice from lawyers, to limit errors and restructure correctly.

The aim of Legal Buddy is to help the client understand the extent to which it can afford to support the restructuring scheme, both now and in the future, as well as overcoming any difficulties that may come hand-in-hand with structuring of your organization. In brief, we the legal experts will not just help the merger and acquisition and to make you assess whether they can meet the financial commitments of the scheme, but will also keep monitoring that you stay on track with honoring your legal obligations regarding the matter.

“Whether the motivation is a cost saving, corporate risk or simply removing complexity, a tidy legal structure is increasingly being seen as a sign of a well-managed organization”
Tim Walsh

One of the most important mistakes in corporate restructuring is that enterprises only focus on short-term goals instead of long-term goals. It is caused by incorrect analysis of the current business environment. Hence enterprises may not realise how compatible or divergent the current structure towards the business environment might be. Therefore, enterprises just make short-term plans to deal with urgent problems of structure, human resource, divestment, etc. Our role as a lawyer is to orientate businesses in the right direction from the beginning, and help to avoid such mistake.

We keep a track of the corporate restructuring plan which will help enterprises avoid the wrong divestment. Many enterprises do divest even in projects that are losing in plan but could potentially benefit in the future. Therefore, enterprises divesting these projects may lose profit by selling at a lower price.

For the above-mentioned reasons, in order to restructuring effectively, enterprises need the advice of lawyers throughout the process of the corporate restructuring. The role of lawyers is to avoid mistakes that enterprises commit frequently when restructuring.

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