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Both book-keeping and accounting are vital to every business’s success, but as a startup you may have an additional need to keep good records. If you have investors, they’ll require that you provide financial reports. And if you are trying to get a business loan you will need clear and easy-to-read financials so that potential investors can make an informed decision about investing in your vision.

For most new businesses, back-office processes like accounting are last on the list. You figure out your products or services, pricing, payroll, and any number of other priorities before you get to financial record-keeping. But it won’t last for long.

Any business that wants to survive has to have a plan for accounting. That probably means hiring a professional, but founders also need to know the basics.  Even if you haven’t got a clue where to start, you’ll need to figure it out. 

And we’re here to help on this

Depending on how close you are to year-end, you’ll realize that it makes sense to plan ahead for filing your first tax return as well. Legal Buddy helps start-up to solve these hiccups for you and make you focused on your business. You will be relieved of all these hassles by choosing our accounting services.

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Creating Startup Businesses

Legal Buddy plans for you an accounting strategy right from the beginning:

  • hiring a bookkeeper or accountant to organize your records,
  • choosing software that works best for your business, and
  • retaining an accountant to help plan your tax and business strategy.

Structuring your company will have a significant impact on all sorts of money matters including your taxes, financing, compensation, and insurance. And don’t forget your exposure to lawsuits. Therefore, a business owner’s first consideration as to what type of company do I want to create

Let’s be familiar with some of the accounting fundamentals

 What is accounting?

Accounting is financial recordkeeping. It involves measuring financial data, processing and interpreting that data, and then communicating it effectively to stakeholders. 

How does it helps?

It most obviously helps your business by making sure you meet essential requirements. Good records help you make smarter business decisions. Your numbers are on your fingertips. Its very important to understandyou’re your revenue comes in and expenses go out, it’s difficult to use your resources effectively.  

Who is involved?

Accounting is done by accountants. In truly tiny startups, these could be outsourced professionals, or simply the founders taking responsibility for it themselves. 

Once your team is large enough, you may choose to have in-house accountants as part of a wider finance team. Or your finance team will liaise with outsourced experts. 

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